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  Compensation Plan  

Our compensation plan provides an optional business opportunity for all free of cost. It is accessible virtually by anyone interested in operating an independent business. The below-mentioned compensation plan gives the basis of calculation for the bonus, incentives, and rewards

There are no fees/cost/charges to start direct selling business. You can become a direct seller by getting introduced by existing Direct Seller.
There is Business Volume (BV) assigned to every product & services that we offer. These BVs become the basis of all income calculations. For all incomes, we calculate BVs earned by you by selling our products & services. The Sales Incentives calculated on principle:”Higher the accumulated BV (Business Volume), more the Sales Incentives.” , the basic principle in which the whole sales incentive structure works. Such a structure is beneficial to Direct Sellers as well as the company as it results in better sales. At high volume levels, the total accumulated BV of a Direct Seller depends significantly on the BV earned by the team. Various kinds of incentives/incomes that can be earned by a direct seller
When you become Direct Seller by signing up the direct seller agreement you are eligible to get the Retail bonus on our products and services. All the products and services will offer to you at a distributor price which is less up to 20% from the MRP. If you retail our products and services to customers, you earn handsome margins over your retails. Example: You buy products worth Rs.20000 at distributor price the MRP on the products will be approx Rs. 25000 if you retail the products you earn Rs. 5000 as Retail Bonus.
We have an online e-commerce platform. We provide world class products & services on our portal through its direct sellers. Each product has a BV assigned to it. If you refer any direct seller and he buys any product and services, you will be entitled to earn 10% as a referral bonus on BV (Business Volume ) assigned to it. Example: Ram refer Shyam as a direct seller with portal and Shyam buys products worth BV 7000 as Ram referred Shyam the opportunity he entitled to get 700 BV (Business Volume ) as referral Bonus. Each time this process happens every time Ram gets the BV (Business Volume ). 1 BV equals to INR 1.
Your Group Sales Bonus depends on the BV accrued by you and your entire direct seller's team. As a new direct seller, your focus will be on developing a base of retail and preferred customers. You’ll also focus on helping your team generate volume through sales. You will be compensated based on successfully building sales volume. The more your group generates sales, the more incentives your team generates as per the sales matching criteria. Matching criteria is important for eligibility of Group Sales Bonus. Every matching eligible BVs accumulated will give you 10% BV (Business Volume ).
Example: A particular product sales get you 7000 BVs. So, if you and your one direct seller sell One Product and another direct seller sells Ten Products, you get 7000 BVs under one direct seller and 70000 BVs under another direct seller. Every 1000 eligible BV, 100 BV (Business Volume ) or INR 100 as a Group Volume Bonus generates. Which means eligible 7000 BV generates 7000 BV x 10% = BV 700, i.e., INR 700 given as a Group Sales Bonus to eligible direct sellers (including you if eligible) immediately and balance 63000 BVs will be carried forward for next business cycle.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible you need to generate minimum 1000 BVs from your direct effort.

Eligible BV: In case, BVs accumulated under one direct seller are more than the BVs accumulated under another direct seller (Both should not be related), then the number of eligible BV are limited to the BVs accumulated under direct seller who has lesser BVs.

Matching Criteria: For your team to grow, you need to have minimum two direct sellers in your group who should not be part of the same team. You need to support both direct sellers in your team for a balanced equal growth. To ensure that you support your team and your sponsor is also supporting you wholeheartedly, we have implemented unique balancing criteria. To earn any BV (Business Volume ) Volumes), you need to develop both of your team's unrelated direct sellers in a balanced way.
**Note: There is an upper ceiling of a maximum of 1,00,000 BV as each business cycle from Group Sales Incentive. BV’s above 1,00,000 will be flushed and will not be carried forward for next business cycle.
Sponsorship Level Leadership Bonus Percentage
Level-1 5 %
Level-2 5 %
Level-3 5 %

Example: You Sponsored RAM, RAM has Sponsored SHYAM, SHYAM has sponsored CHAND and They earn Group Sales Bonus INR 20000, INR 10000 and INR 10000 respectively so you will also earn leadership bonus on all three down lines from RAM 20000x5%(Level 1) = INR 1000, SHYAM 10000x 5%( Level 2) = INR 500 and CHAND 10000X5% (Level 3) = INR 500, so your total Leadership Bonus is INR 2000 from these three down lines.

S.No Club Left Right Rewards
1. Silver Club 15000 BV 15000 BV Wrist Watch
2. Super Silver Club 75000 BV 75000 BV Mobile Phone
3. Star Silver Club 250000 BV 250000 BV Laptop
4. Gold Club 750000 BV 750000 BV Motor Bike
5. Super Gold Club 2500000 BV 2500000 BV Gold Worth Rs.200000
6. Star Gold Club 6000000 BV 6000000 BV Car Fund worth Rs.450000
7. Royal Gold Club 2 Crore BV 2 Crore BV Honda City Car
8. Ruby Club 5 Crore BV 5 Crore BV House Fund Worth Rs. 40 Lacs
9. Pearl Club 12.5 Crore BV 12.5 Crore BV House Fund Worth Rs. 90 Lacs
10. Platinum Club 30 Crore BV 30 Crore BV House Fund Worth Rs. 2 Crore
Note : ** Please note that the above are the amounts what you are eligible. The Government of India stipulates certain statutory deductions such as TDS and GST on Sales Incentives payments, which will be deducted by the company before making a Sales Incentives Cheque/ ECS in your favor.
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